Hello, guys in this article I will be giving you 8 windows editing software for windows 10. Which are absolutely free and don’t have any watermark or time limit on it. let’s begin.

Firstly let me tell you, on your laptop or computer SSD should be there. It will let the program run smoothly. And your editing software will lag less,

Secondly, your laptop’s RAM should be good 8gb or above by that. You can edit the video without any lag.

Thirdly you should have to focus on your video editing skill more than the editor. These are the few things that you should know beforehand.

Now let’s talk about windows editing software for windows 10.

Davinci resolve

The first video editor which is Davinci resolve. I use this myself to edit my videos. In this, you won’t find any watermarks. This is for free. You have to go to its website and download the file. You will get everything on video editing, from color grading to visual effects to transitions everything can be done. Even animation or VFX related something.

You can do all that It has a dedicated audio section as well by using which you can edit your audios as well.

If you want to try this windows editing software for windows 10. Then this is a great editor. This has one problem that its pro version the GPU graphic card will be well supported. When you render then in the free version, it might take some time but in the pro version, the speed is very fast. But in the free video editor, all the required things are available.

I use the free version of Davinci Resolve in which I have not faced any problem yet. One more thing that to use Davinci resolve in your PC or laptop you need to have a minimum of 8 GB ram. Only then the software will work smoothly. Else you might face lag and stuff.

So this is something you can look for If you want to make your video very professionally then try DaVinci resolve for sure.

Olive Video editor

Now, guys, the second video editor is Olive Video editor. The Ram requirement is 2 Gb or above. Even then the video editor is pretty good you will not find any lag.

So this is a great thing about this editor. You will feel like you are using premiere pro as the user interface is designed the same way. This windows editing software for windows 10 is still in development mode, which means the alpha version is available.

When you export a video you might find a bit issue. Sometimes it does not export properly but the beta version is being developed yet. So all that will go in the future.

This is a great video editor as you can do all things like transitions or add text or any basic editing. All you need all that like cliff hanging all that can can be done in this very easily.

Try This it’s open-source so you won’t see any watermark or anything in the software.

About the performance, you can see a great performance in this. I have personally tried this. You won’t be seeing any lag while using windows editing software for windows 10.

This is the reason for which you should definitely try this. The user interface is simple and you will know it directly when you open it.

Hitfilm express

The third is Hitfilm express. The user interface for this might be a bit complicated. You need to find everything without a bit of trouble. But this is a great video editor.

The free version of this is available but in that, if you want some extra functions you need to purchase add ons. In free you can very easily edit the videos.

The VFX or if you want to try some Hollywood style editing. You can use them through this video editor called hit film express.

You can use them through this video editor called hit film express and for this, you need to have a minimum of 8 GB RAM on your computer or laptop. Only then it will work properly.

You need to remember this. If you have 4 GB RAM then don’t download this. Use Olive video editor. If you have 8 GB then definitely use this one more.

The thing that I didn’t like about this is that you have register yourself first and then you will have to connect your social media like Facebook, twitter, or google plus. You will have to share it only then your version of hitfilm express will be activated for free. You need to do these two things as well, so this is what I didn’t really like.

If you want to do VFX or things like that then definately try hitfilm express.

Open shot

The next video editor is Open shot. This is very good for beginners. You can get everything when you open it. Like what to use. Where how to put on titles or how to put transitions or how to increase decrease audio all that can be seen there very clearly.

It will be very easy for you if you use open shot. If you are beginner in video editing you can deifnately try open shot. This is an open source software. You dont have to worry about anything. It is for free and you can use everything.

For this you need a minimum ram of 4 gb only then it will work well. If you have 2 GB it might lag a bit. The official requirement is 4 gb ram. There is one more editor like open shot which is shortcut. You can use this in the same way. It has the same features like open shot.

You will neither have watermark nor you will have any time limit on this.

VSDC video editor

Now we have VSDC video editor It’s user interface might be a bit difficult but if you get the hold of it once then you will be able to edit very well For this in your computer or system the RAM requirement is 1 gb ram and you will see no lag So this is one more option that you can try, but understanding this user interface might be a bit hard, so you can see tutorials for this and by them you can be definately be able to understand the VSDC video editor.

Now the next is Light Works This video editor requires a minimum of 3 GB RAM only then you will be able to use it well. While editing you won’t see any lag or issue. As it is very well optimized. You will be getting a good speed.

The VSDC video editor and Lightworks, both have their free version and pro version available. You might face limitations in the features because the pro version is available and it will ask you to get the pro version.

Kdenlive video editor

Now the last windows editing software for windows 10 is Kdenlive video editor, like we talked about olive video editor, in the same way, this is a pretty same video editor. Now its interface might not look that good and you might find an issue in looking for things. But once you have learned to use this editor. Then it is very useful as it is an open Windows editing software. All the features are available for free in Kdenlive. You can use all of them and can edit your video very nicely.

This is an option that you can try. For this, you will need a minimum RAM of 1 GB ram and then it will work for your system. If you have 1 GB or above RAM then definitely you should try Kdenlive. But as I have already told you. If you are an absolute beginner then don’t rush into this as the user interface might be a bit difficult for.

I’ll suggest if you are an absolute beginner and you want to learn free video editing and looking for a free video editor. Then go for an open shot or shortcut video editor. After some time you can switch to an olive video editor and then you can use Davinci resolve as that is a software where you will get everything very well. You get everything in one place.

So start with a simple editor, then switch to the harder one and then go to the best one.

You find it according to your system. At the time if you go to Davinci resolve at once then it will need a RAM requirement and your system will lag. So try with 2 GB or 1 GB RAM required video editor. Once you are comfortable with it. Then upgrade your RAM and witch to a better video editor like olive or Davinci resolve. Then you can upgrade again and in the same way, you can improve your skill of cutting a video, trimming in, or how to remove the green screen or all that.

This is all about best windows editing software for windows 10. I hope you have have benefited yourself with this.

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