Top 7 best video editing software for YouTubers

After reading this article, You have a decent idea of the best video editing software in the market (both free and paid ones). And which one is the best for you.
Now, when it comes to video editing different people have different needs Like – Some people just want to combine a few clips And call it a day. While others Want total control over video editing. Like color grading, chroma key, and sleek animation.

So, to make things simple I’ve divided this article into 3 parts.

1st is entry-level video editing apps

Where the most you can do is – combine two clips. Maybe add a few texts and background music And that’s it.

2nd is the Intermediate video editing software

Where you can do a little more than just combining two clips Like text animations, cool transition, and video effects.

And 3rd is the advance video editors

That is powerful enough for producing an entire movie. They let you edit the frame of your video. The frame has advanced color grading options And support for 3rd party plugins.

So, let’s get started.


When it involves decent and free video editing software i assume , Windows film maker is that the very first thing to cross most of our minds. Microsoft, no only Ended the support for Moviemaker, But it’s also not available for download.

Now, a number of you’ll be thinking. Well, what about downloading it from other sources. Well, I did try that And it simply doesn’t work.
So, the foremost functional alternative to filmmaker I could determine is Shotcut [it’s just like the word shortcut but with no R].
This video editor is free and open-source and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

But how good is it?

Well, the primary time you open the app there are only one big screen window No timeline or library options. But, after watching a few of YT videos you’ll acknowledged the way to enable these two from the settings.

Now, it’s like all the normal video-editing software just imports your clips and drag and drop them in your timeline. Basic options like trimming and joining two clips are there. you’ll also add layers for background music, a touch of text, and transitions getting to filter options And that’s it.

At most, this is a pretty basic video editing app But, when it comes to free This is the best you get.

iMovie [MacOS]

owever, if you’re rich enough to possess macOS. Then look no further than iMovie. It’s free and already comes pre-installed on your Mac. a bit like all Apple products. The interface is super intuitive. once you first launch the app It asks you Whether you would like to make a movie from the pre-built template Or do everything from scratch.

In the themes, you only have drag and drop your files And it’ll look out of everything else, from transitions to music everything. except for the foremost part, you would like to start out with no themes So, a bit like the previous one drag and drop files to your library. then import them to your timeline. Cut them Add some text. But, what’s different here is that the timeline is magnetic So, if you mean one clip. The associates audio file, and text also movie And it also supports a bunch of cool text animation and transitions Overall.As long as you don’t need fancy stuff like keying, color correction iMovie should work fine for you. There are many YouTubers with quite 1 million subs
Who still uses iMovie. and therefore the better part is, It also works on iPhone and iPad.

INTERMEDiATE Video Editing Software

Now, there are 3 intermediate video editing apps. That I’ll wish to recommend. the primary two are a touch easy to use, But that comes with a price. While the 3rd one comes with a touch of a learning curve And requires a reasonably powerful system to run. But if you’ll deal with that then it’s one among the foremost powerful video editors That’s available for free of charge.


So, the primary one is – Movavi It’s cost $40, and is out there for both Windows and macOS.

What i prefer about this app. It’s simple and yet has basic and somewhat advanced features Like some modern text animations, Transitions. you’ll even add chroma key and KEN burns, etc. the sole problem, I had with movavi is that they don’t have media import windows.

So, everything you include goes on to your timeline. Which makes it difficult to figure with large projects. overall, this app may be a good mixture of simplicity and features.


But if you would like a more powerful video editor. Then, try PowerDirector. It’s available for windows and price somewhat around $70. I’ve used this editor for two years Before switching to macOS And IFRC. I won’t get into many features because it is all That you’ll ever need Trim, cut, join Layer supports Animation, video effect You name it.

But yeah, recently they need added supported for 360 videos and 4k Which, most video editor during this category doesn’t do Overall. If you’re trying to find some long-term video editor Which is straightforward to find out . Powerdirector has all the essential features And doesn’t require a particularly powerful system. Then Powerdirector is sensible .

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve by sorcery . This one tons powerful and feature-rich than PowerDirector. It’s available for both Windows and Mac OSX for free of charge . So, what’s the play here? Well, we’ll come thereto afterward But first Let’s take a glance at the editor. and therefore the very first thing you’ll notice while running this app is you would like a strong system. a minimum of 8GB of RAM, i5, and a graphic card Even on my fairly powerful PC with the above specs wasn’t powerful enough. But it still works So, once you open the app there are 4 options at rock bottom .


Well, first of all, the app is Premium, so only a few options are premium But, what my theory is. they need to compete for the large players like After effects, And for that, they first need an honest user base, especially the scholars , to find out this program. quite like why Adobe tolerate Photoshop piracy.

Let it for free of charge now and make money from the organization afterward . But anyway, my point is, If you’re trying to find a strong best video editing software for free of charge . Then there’s your answer.


And finally, the advanced best video editing software. Where you’ll customize equally of your editing process. you’ll even make a movie out of it And no wonder Adobe Premiere Pro has got to get on this list. It’s available for both windows and mac and With an ingenious suite. It cost around 240$/year ( yup the worth is just too high). Now, there are thousands of features in premiere pro.

That there’s no way, I can list all of them, And honestly, Haven’t touch PP for the past 2 years. So, I’m unsure If I’m even capable of review it. But there are two biggest reasons. Why you would like to find out PP (now noticed, I didn’t say use PP but learned). So, first is, you’ve got to spend an honest time learning the nitty-gritty of this software.

If you wish to play with tons of frames And move things around as we see in-game theorist video. Then PP is that the only and best video editing software. If you’ve got plans to mention inside the adobe ecosystem, like illustrator, and After effects. i select to measure with FCP. it’s available on macOS and costs $300 and that i can continue and on With its features.

But the important reason Why the creator chooses FCP over anything is Rendering time Man the hardware-software optimization is so good that it takes but 8 mins to render an intensive 10 min video Other programs would take hours to try to that.

If you are looking for a basic video editor That gets the job done go for shortcut or imovie. if you have a mac For a more balanced video editor, Like for say YouTube. I would go with PowerDirector And if you need more control over every aspect of editing. Then go with premier pro Or FCP. if you have a mac. I personally use FCP on my iMac and I’ve no plans of switching to anything else.

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