The best apps for YouTubers for Andriod and iPhone

I’m going to giveyou 17 of the best apps for YouTubers to help you run your channel, make content and more and
we’re starting right now.

What is going on?

Okay so we’re covering a lot of apps here, so I’m going to do this kind of rapid-fire styles that I can do this in as little time as possible, because I know you got other videos to watch and I know that you’re probably gonna spend some time looking around and installing apps and things like that, so here we go.

One, Mindly

Mindly is fantastic for basically breaking down video ideas and breaking down different types of content or playlist that you’re going to be doing in your channel. This is one of the best apps for YouTubers.

Number two is Background Eraser

This is a great tool for putting yourself or other objects out of a photo so that you can use them in your thumbnails.

Three, PixelLab

This is awesome for making thumbnails on your phone and for making channel art on your phone. I’ve made a tutorial about PixelLab.
You can check that out right here.

Number four is DU Screen Recorder

This is going to help you record your screen. It doesn’t matter if you’re making games or if you’re going artwork or any other thing that you would like to share your screen for, DU Screen Recorder will help you do it.

Number five, the Creator Studio App from YouTube.

This is going to help you manage your channel, look at your analytics, add thumbnails or change thumbnails if you want to on your phone.
All types of awesome stuff inside of the Creator Studio App. This is a must-have for any YouTuber.

Number six is KineMaster.

KineMaster is an awesome video editing app for your phone.

Next up is TweetCaster

Let’s say that you have a personal Twitter account and you have an account for your YouTube channel or let’s say you have multiple YouTube channels
and you want Twitter accounts for all of them. TweetCaster will help you manage all of that. Another one to keep sharing your content on a regular basis is Hootsuite. You can also use Buffer for this.
Essentially it’s Twitter automation with a little bit of front end work because you have to sit down and schedule in everything, but once you have it all scheduled in there you can set it to basically tweet at the best time so that you can get the most reach out of the tweets that you do.

Screen Stream Mirroring

This is excellent for taking the screenshot of your phone and actually displaying it on your computer,

so let’s say that you are doing something on your phone and you want to show it on your computer and record it there or just do something else with it on your computer, then Screen Stream Mirroring will help you do that.

What else do we have here? Legend is another best apps for YouTubers. Basically, this will help you make text transitions. It’ll also help you make intros and things like that that you can use on your channel, which if you’re not doing any type of motion graphic stuff, can really help spice up your content.


So if you really want to make your photos pop in your thumbnails, you really want to make your photos pop in your channel art, and even the images that you use inside of your videos, Snapseed can really help you dial in an awesome look on your images.

The Patreon App

which is good for staying on top of your Patreon account.
If you’re trying to bounce ideas off another YouTuber, or if you have a fan that wants to reach out to you and have a quick conversation, you can just send them a quick URL and then you can hop on a video call with them without anybody having to install anything additional on their computer or anything. The app is fantastic for that.

Open Camera best apps for YouTubers

Open Camera is another app that is fantastic for dialing in what your video looks like on your phone so you can basically make all of your adjustments manually instead of having everything on auto, which is pretty handy.

Evernote, of course, is great for organizing your ideas and being able to sync it all up with your computer and all that stuff so you can kind of brainstorm on video ideas on the go, and then when you get home on your computer, then when you open up your computer then everything’s going to be all synced up on there which is pretty convenient.

Google Keep, kind of the same idea as Evernote but you can also drop in pictures and video clips and web URLs and things like that
to kind of store a bunch of ideas.
I should probably organize all of those idea things into one, but I don’t because I use them all for different purposes, so that’s why I’m suggesting them separately.

The AdSense app is good for keeping track of the money that you’re making.
I also want to recommend the Google Analytics app,
so if you are into digging into your stats to figure out what’s working, what’s not working, where traffic is coming from, the actual user flow of things, and stuff like that, if you plug your analytics tracking code into your YouTube channel then you get a whole additional set of data that they don’t provide to you inside of the YouTube Creator Studio that can end up being extremely valuable for your channel.
If you want to learn how to grow your channel, make videos, and all types of other YouTube related stuff, start now with these best apps for YouTubers.

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