Free video editing apps for iPhone 2020

I’m gonna show you my pick for the top three free video editing apps for iPhone.

I’m not gonna talk about iMovie here because I know you already had this on your phone these are three apps that you probably haven’t heard about.

Here I’m gonna show you what they are in this video now here’s the thing it’s a new year full of new opportunities. That means there are new apps on the market after you haven’t heard about it. Let’s be honest and you’re looking through the app store you’re looking for the right video editing app.

There’s a lot of apps to choose from and a lot of them are ok and a lot of them are garbage. I download an unbelievable amount of apps almost on a weekly basis and I test them all and the three apps I’m gonna show you today are my picks for the best free video editing apps for YouTube that you can use on your iPhone.

These free video editing apps for iPhone that I mentioning today do not have a watermark. So you don’t have to worry about that free no watermark absolute win for you.

So let’s jump into the Free video editing apps for iPhone.

Video leap

Video leap

On the list is video leap now video leaf has become my favorite video editing app. The thing about the video leap is it’s really creative. It’s really intuitive and it kind of gets your creative juices flowing.

It’s amazingly simple you don’t even have to see any tutorials on it. You can download the app and figure out how to make some really cool-looking videos in just a couple of minutes. But it does have some awesome features. One of the highest features I do know tons of you’re trying to find maybe a chroma-key feature or the green screen feature. If you are making a video ahead of a painted background. you’ll choose that color erases it and put something else behind you, you’ll put a picture behind it. Also, you’ll put a video behind you and it does that basically well.

You can erase part of the video or part of the image and put that on the video. It will do that as well so a green screen or memes relief has you covered video loop also allows you to add multiple layers to your video track. And in case you’re wondering what that means because I actually get asked that a lot in comments.


What is layering? when it comes to video editing apps think of layering like a cake. You have the base layer of your video and then let’s say you want to add another video on top of that. And perhaps you desire to divide it in half or you want to add a picture in picture or perhaps you want to add an extra layer on top of that with some or a subscribe button to come on top or a call to action. Most free apps don’t do this but video leap does and it’s really easy to use using their mixer feature.

You tap on the mixer and you go and you add the image or the video that you want to add up on the next layer super easy. It has filters and effects and animations that can make your videos look really cool. This is really easy to use.

Additional features

There is an additional feature in which you can add text to your project. You can activate how it comes in and you can activate how it goes out. So if you’re trying to add something down on the bottom that says subscribe now or a checkout. whatever you can do that. You can animate it and come in and come back out.

I use Videoleap for that and I animated the phone. So it zips in and it zips out really easy to do.

If you’re just installing video leap for the first time after you put it in you’re going to say. Hey, they’ve got some premium features and I don’t know if I want those or not. It’s entirely up to you they do have some premium filters and some premium features. If you want to get more things that’s entirely up to you. You can pay for them or you can just keep using the free version. That also works well you don’t have a lot of limitations with that, to be honest.

Prism live studio

Prism live studio

A lot of fun the second Free video editing apps for iPhone we’re gonna talk about today is an app called prism live studio. If you’re just getting started you don’t need the layers that I talked about earlier. At this time you can continue your work with a basic editor.

This is where the prism live studio comes in. It’s very simple they have the free world. Free music that you can add to the videos. You’re not gonna have problems with copyrights. They have sound effects, filters, and all sorts of things that you can do with. The app is again really easy to figure out.

You can use this app as well for a live streaming app. it does that or as a video editing app. So if you’re just getting started and you don’t need all the layers. As a beginner, you don’t need the chroma key. You can check out the prism live studio.

villo Free video editing apps for iPhone

The third a per talking about today is a fairly new Free video editing app. It is called vll Oh or villo. It”s free app with no watermark.

Villo has pictures and pictures that are really easy. It has animation and has filters. It has music now the music is limited and again. This is one of those apps that have free features that are it’s perfectly fine and it also has paid features.

You can buy the paid features. You can do that and you can get access to more things. This app isn’t as easy to use as the other two apps. I think the prism is great for beginners. I think video leap is also great for beginners. But it gives you more creative options. This app isn’t necessarily for beginners and it’d take you a touch bit longer to urge your head around it. But it’s free and it doesn’t have a watermark.

video leap they and Villo both have a voiceover option. If you load up your video and you want to do a voiceover you can tap on voiceover. The great feature is you can make a voiceover on your video.

so if you’re looking for an app that will do voiceovers villo and video
leap will do that.

Your Choice

All three of the apps that I mentioned today allow you to edit in different ratios. So if you want to make a story or an Instagram square or if you want to make something for YouTube you can do it in any ratio that you want.

I don’t know you’re gonna have to put them in and see which one works best for your device your workflow and your personal needs. For an editor they’re all free check them out and see which one works best for you.

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