Best photo editing app for android 2020

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There are loads of photo editing apps in the android play store, but which one is the Best photo editing app for a beginner. Which app is the 
best for intermediate to experienced photo editors.

So let’s get started..


The first app, if you’re a beginner, is Snapseed. It has all the basic features that you need. Like adjusting the brightness, the contrast, the saturation. It is very user friendly. Apart from that. It has white balance for you to adjust the color of your photo. Not only that, if you are a beginner, you’ve already learned Snapseed for awhile. There are even features inside there. Where you can enhance your skills.

There is stuff like adding text to your photos, double exposure. Where you can do something like combine two photos together, make it like trippy.

That is the Snapseed Best photo editing app if you are a beginner. It has the features for you to learn how to edit photos, and also the extra features if you wanna go to the intermediate or expert level.


After maybe like one to two years of you editing inside Snapseed. You’re ready to up your game. Then you have to use this app called Lightroom. I’m sure you know about it. It is pretty famous. Probably you’re editing photos for a while. Now you’re wondering how all these Instagramers does it. They have like only two colors in their photos. What you need actually is the manipulation of the colors and the thing with Lightroom is that it has an HSL tab. Go to the thermometer there, for temperature and colors, press on the mix.

I can control the hue, the saturation, and also the luminance. Hue allows me to control whether I want. You will have a photo which is very artsy looking, Instagram famous, kind of photo.

Okay apart from editing colors and I think that’s very powerful in Adobe Lightroom is the presets. So think of preset is something like a filter for your photos / Instagram filter. But after I’ve applied that filter alright. I can
can actually customize for every individual photo. 

The powerful thing here is that you can create your own preset. So you just press on this three dot here, create your own preset. You can 
sell them online, you can download other people’s preset and apply them to your photos.

Lens Distortion

And the third Best photo editing app. I want to give you is a special bonus press “Share to” after you’re done in Lightroom. Export your photo into this app called Lens Distortion. What Lens Distortion does is give a little kick to your photos, you can add lens flare to your photos. If in a photo there’s certain light coming from the left side of my face so I can press this light leak here, I can put it on the left side of my face. It looks natural and I can tune the contrast of this lens flare. I can change the opacity just to make it look a little bit more natural. I can change the saturation as well. Yeah and if you feel like it’s not enough, okay no problem. You can just press add a layer. You can add this one in.

Apart from that, you can even add something like classical snow. And yeah once I’m done with the photo, it looks like this and the end result  is a very Instagram worthy kind of photo.

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So those are the three apps if you are a beginner you want to use Snapseed to start practicing on your photo editing skill. Also to bring yourself to the intermediate level. Then once you’re intermediate, you can enhance your skill to a professional level kind of photo editing by using the Adobe Lightroom app.

So did i manage to change your understanding from I don’t know which Best photo editing app to get from the play store to Hah! Now I know exactly which photo editing app to download right now from the play store to increase my photography skill. Was I successful?
let me know down in the comment section that is all for this video, let’s go to the outro.

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