Best Photo editing app for Andriod and ios

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Hey! I would like to tell you to be prepared to learn how you can take your phone pictures like a pro on Snapseed. with my efforts in this article I hope you will learn the way I edit my pictures. Which makes them look at least 10 times more appealing to a casual viewer. here I used snapseed Best Photo editing app for andriod.

Snapseed was a photo editing app by Nik software. Which was acquired by Google back in 2012. This app is one of my favorite app in apps that I have used till now. It does is, gives you a variety of filters and not nothing more than what Instagram can give you by default. So I am going to show you how to edit your pictures like a pro on the app.

To edit my picture I used to do some settings which allows me to create an awesome picture. I take it from the phone and even from my cameras. In the styles option you see a lot of presets you will get on the app and then the real magic lies in the tools options. Where you get so many different tools and options to edit your picture. That truly this app has made me stop using photoshop.

Best Photo editing apps for Android and ios

So much to edit my pictures taken from the phone. the first option tunes the image, you get a variety of different brightness contrast saturation settings. If you go on to details, it’s like sharpening up your picture adding more structure to it. likewise, there are curves, there is a white balance crop rotate perspective. Perspective is a really cool tool that Snapseed provides. you can literally fix the overall perspective of the picture of both vertical and horizontal Axis. Which is very rare feature in your other apps will give you.

Practical use

In this article, I am going to share how I edit my pictures. I took this picture in North Delhi India. So Usually with pics like this, I don’t spend much time tweaking individual settings.

First what I do is that I am going into HDR-scape and there are four options hare and the app will try to guess which scenario is there on the pictures. so right now it has chosen fine by default. This is not bad actually but if I try the other options like nature people fine and strong. I

I’ll immediately apply this effect on it and then what I do is I’ll go to tune image and there I will add some Shadow to the overall picture. It depends on you you can also decrease the overall shadows. If you believe that is going to make the picture look even more appealing to your viewers. If I click on this little button here it will automatically adjust and put whatever settings are the best for your current picture and this is the histogram.

Even if you go on to tune the image again and choose this option. It will again do the same effect because it’s basically taking into consideration of all the brightness color white-balance values. Which are currently on the picture and according to that the app is applying whatever effects and changes and settings it thinks is suitable for the current picture.


I don’t like this in the end and because I’ve already put some effects on it. will go back. I’ll go into curves check if it is doing some justice to the picture and then I go into details and add some structure to the overall picture. now what else I can do is I can choose the sun and decrease the overall effect of it. Then go into structure then this likes that the overall picture change like this. not bad at all.

So doing these many changes through a single app that is free on your phone is a big deal because before 2010, 2012 there weren’t many such apps on the phone. If you’re taking an image unless and until you sit on your PC or laptop won’t be ready to edit your pictures. As you’d have wanted there have been tons of apps. Which wont to offer you tons of default presets but that’s about it but this has been an enormous deal for several years. Now and that I simply love how convenient editing pictures became in past few years.

Second picture

I took this picture in Palampur which is in Himachal Pradesh in India beautiful place. you’ll see tons goes on with the image there’s a statue within the middle some the mountains at the rear . what I’ll do is I’ll attend HDR scape and let’s see by default how good it process the image in an automatic natural HDR tone. let’s see nature first people fine and powerful .

Click on nature it kinda tries to take care of more shadows on the photographs . i feel this is often an honest setting. I’ll decrease it a touch . Tune image. so let’s try the highlight one first. If I decrease it i will be able to get more details on the clouds above.

Yup, that’s good.and try to feature more shadow to the world on the statue, and this area on the trees get a touch more brightened up. Which is cool i feel i would like that and if i’m going to saturation and increase the saturation a touch . I can get more greens and more blues within the mountains and on the grass. like immediately the image looks such a lot better than the first one. i feel it overdid the saturation part but that’s fine.

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If i would like to urge a touch greedy and add more details to the image see how it seems .I would feel that keeping the structure to 100 goes to form picture even better. I can see more details thereon but trust me never do this to your pictures. so decrease it I should maintain it around 15 16 it.

I think I even have done quite enough justice to the image . And this beautiful picture. I took from the comfort of my home and desktop. hehe. Took this picture from the chirping *orchard which is in Mukteshwar. this sunrise was something that i’d always remember . continue to selective first. i’m getting to zoom inside the world of the sun and go-to tools.


Click on selective just select this area and first I’m gonna add some structure thereto . that’s about it. i’m gonna attend HDR scape this looks an excessive amount of . i’m gonna select fine and reduce the filter strength to let’s say around this value it’s good. But I feel picture has been darkened tons so i’m going into curves. And increase the the general brightness of the image. if you guys also do like this – an equivalent pattern a dot within the middle and a dot on the highest and by increasing the topmost dot a touch you’ll be controlling the contrast on the image . Little more brightness and contrast.

I can do more that I can add more details to the general picture again I can add more brightness to the image , overall brightness. the simplest thing is whatever steps whatever iterations you set on your image you’ll always return by clicking here and un-doing your last Command. you’ll totally transform your pictures with this single app. since I even have started using it I even have stopped using photoshop on my computer to edit my pictures.

Third picture

I think they are doing great justice with re-touching any picture you’d want to retouch. this last picture was taken by some visitors during my visit to Auto Expo in 2018 in Noida India. so if edit this picture. my face has quite less light thereon so what I’ll do is I’ll attend selective concentrate on my face touch and increase the brightness around this area. I also can increase or decrease the dimensions of this effect by simply dragging my two fingers on the screen and concentrate and zooming out. enter brightness increase the brightness a touch . Little difference here then attend tune image, attend shadows increase the shadows just a touch in order that the general image doesn’t look extremely flat.

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Click and return into tune image and enter highlights. Decrease the highlight in order that the background which is extremely bright has lesser light than it’s currently immediately . so i’ll decrease the highlights again because the previous effect didn’t have much change on the image .

Now again go tune image attend shadows add a touch more Shadows then enter curves, increase the curves a touch and by putting a dot on the low curve I can control the contrast and saturation a touch more. There’s tons of brightness around this area on the highest . So what i’m getting to return getting to selective Tap here. increase the general effect of it then attend brightness and reduce it.

The overall picture is sort of tilted so what I’m gonna do is I’m getting to fix the rotation of it. Click on rotation. So this is often a replacement update the rotate is fixing the orientation of the image by itself and that I think it did an honest job. click on ok so this is often how the image looks now after retouching it and this is why I don’t continue my computer to not retouch any of my pictures. especially those which I take from my phone.

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if I have captured from a DSLR or the other camera and I am just lazy to copy them on the phone. Then and then only I use lightroom on my Windows desktop to edit those pictures. but whichever picture writing on the phone. I simply edited on Snapseed and be happy it. Hope I was able to explain my process of retouching well enough in this article. I am a bad teacher but I try my best to explain.

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