I’m gonna tell you the best apps for YouTube videos and all of the apps that you need as a content creator. – And we’re starting right now what is going on?

so you don’t miss anything.

Okay, so on this list we’ve got free versions and we’ve got paid versions and it doesn’t matter what device you’re on.
If you’re on an Android or iOS, we’ve got you covered. And for this video, I have a very special guest with me that has an entire channel dedicated
to helping mobile YouTubers.

If you’re making content with your mobile phone, the first thing you’re gonna need is a video editing app.
These are some of the ones that I’ve found to be the best. For Android users, check out
KineMaster or PowerDirector. Both of these are professional-grade video editing apps and give you full control over your edit.
If that’s what you need, check these out. If you need a totally free video editing app, check out the app called Vlog it.
It’s not as full-featured as the other apps, but it does get the job done and well free is free.

Now if you’re on iOS you can use KineMaster like Dee talked about a second ago. Or you can level up a ton and use something called LumaFusion. LumaFusion is a full featured editor.
It’s just like pro editing software on a computer,the only difference is instead of it being on a computer it’s on your phone or your tablet.
Now downside of LumaFusion, it costs money. But, if you don’t wanna spend any money of course if you’re on an iOS device you can always use iMovie.

The next thing you’ll need are apps to make your YouTube thumbnails and your YouTube channel banner.
The best part about all of these apps we’re gonna talk about now, they’re free! As in nothing, zero, nothing.

How much?


The first one is Snapseed.

Snapseed, like Dee said, is absolutely free, which is awesome, but it allows you to fully control what an image looks like. So if you want to pump up the contrast, you want to give it more saturation, anything like that. You just want to make it look awesome, use Snapseed.

The next one is PixelLa

which is also free, but the difference between the two is PixelLab will actually let you stack layers on top of each other, which Snapseed just doesn’t let you do.

Snapseed is cross-platform so you can use that regardless of the device that you have, but PixelLab is Android-specific.


Now, if you’re on an iPhone you’ll want to use PicsArt. And with PicsArt, when it opens up you might think like hey wait a minute,
I think this is paid but in reality, all you have to do is close the ad and then you’re good to go.

If you want detailed instructions on how to make your thumbnails, or how to make your channel art on your phone, or even editing videos
or any of that stuff that has to do with your phone.

Now, if you want to make better-looking videos you’re gonna need manual controls on the camera that comes inside of your phone. However, if you don’t have manual controls, check out one of the following apps.

The two that I recommend are Moment Pro Camera and FiLMiC Pro.

Moment Pro

Moment Pro Camera is available for Android and iOS users. It’s a full-featured camera app for YouTube and it’s also the least expensive of the two apps.
You’re not gonna go wrong with this app.

FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro is also available for Android and iOS users. It’s another full-featured camera app and it’s gonna help you make better videos for YouTube.

Both of these apps are full featured apps for YouTube and they allow you do to pro stuff like change the framing for example.

So if you’re a video creator or something like that and you want to make that like buttery smooth B-roll that you see in a lot of vlogs, then these apps will help you do it. Now, of course, if you are a YouTuber, which I’m guessing you are, you probably here.

YT Studio app

You need to download the YT Studio app. This app is made by YouTube and it’s available for both Android and iOS users.

This is where you go to check your analytics. You can answer your comments here. This is how you find out what’s working on your channel and what’s not working on your channel.
If you don’t listen to any of the other app recommendations in this video, download this one and learn how to use it.

You can also use YT Studio to update your titles, change your thumbnails or anything like that that you need to do to your videos. So at least get that in your phone, right now.

Next on the list is something to help you solve the problem of finding other people to make videos.

Collabspace app for YouTube

Collabspace is the app that will help you do that.
It will help you find other people that are around you to make videos with.

Next on the list, is the TubeBuddy app.

You probably didn’t even know that TubeBubby had an app, did you?

Well, they do, and there’s a link to TubeBuddy down in the description below. TubeBuddy is available for both Android and iOS users, and it’s gonna help you keep track of things like your live subscriber count and your video view count.

It also has great features like Canned Responses and- A video topic planner,
and they have something really cool called Milestones.

Now, once you have all these apps for YouTube installed, it’s important that you learn how to use ’em and if you’re a mobile content creator, it’s important that you learn how to do all of this stuff in the best possible way on your phone.

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