Best Apps for Reading Quran on your Mobile

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Best Apps for Reading Quran on your Mobile

It is very difficult to carry Quran with yourself to every place. Sometimes we wish to read Quran while traveling or in someplace that is far from Mosque or home. But don’t worry here are some Best apps for Reading Quran on your Mobile phone.

The advancements in technology has made it probable for everyone to read Quran on their mobile devices whenever they wish to.

There are many apps available online to read Quran, but choosing the best one is difficult. But we have some great news for you. After doing a lot of research we found some of the best app that you can install to read Quran anywhere anytime.

Best Apps for Reading Quran on your Mobile (Android)

  • Quran for Android
  • Holy Quran – القرآن الكريم
  • iQuran Lite
  • Al-Quran FREE
  • Read Quran Offline

Quran for Android

Quran for android in one of the most downloaded apps for reading Quran on Play store. Due to clear and bold texts, the readers prefer this app over others. This app is one of the best Quran apps for android smart devices.  There are lots of features available in this app which gives the real experience while you read. You can also listen to the recitation and can find any Surah easily.

This is a best Quran learning app for android and we recommended this app if you want real reading experience in your android phone.

Holy Quran – القرآن الكريم

This mobile application is also very famous and is consider of the best Quran apps for android.The most interesting feature of Holy Quran app is its starts from the surah where you lifted.

You can mark the last verses you read with the help of single bookmark feature. The font size and colour colloction make it easier for reader to read.

IQuran Lite

IQuran Lite has two different versions. One is free and the other is Paid version. It aviliable on playstore on $6.99 but with discount you can get it on $1.99.

The app comes with different language that you can select to use the app. The defult language is Arabic but you can select the language you want.

In this app you can easily read Quran page by page. It has all 30 chapters and you can easily bookmark the Last Surah you read.

This feature of this app is you can listen to Quran In audio format vers by verse. It helps you in the correct pronunciation of the words.

Al-Quran FREE

This free app is one of the best for reading Quran on smart devices. You will experience some great features while using this app.

Features are included clear Madani complaint images, night mode, ayah bookmarking, audio playback, and some other interesting features as well.

The great feature of this app is that it is avialiable in 20 different languages and still updating with new languages.

Read Quran Offline

Read Quran Offline a popular app for reading the Quran on mobile. One of the main feature that lead the app to get famous in less time is the use of this application in offline mode.

This app is divided into different parts that you can use as per your need and necessity. The overall understanding of using this app is remarkable as you will get this entire Quran at a solo place that is a why the size of this application is more than 35mb which include all related files.

If you are looking for Best Apps for Reading Quran on your Mobile then no need to waste your valuable time to research anywhere else. This is a list of Top 5 best Quran apps for android users.

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