10 Awesome Apps You should be Using|Android|IOS

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With many apps available to download for your phone or tablet. It is often difficult to make a decision on which apps to put in. To separate the great from the bad. I’ll show you 10 awesome apps for your devices that you simply should be using. All of those I show you’re available from the app stores for both Android and IOS.

let’s start .

cake web browser

First up is that the cake browser has been around for a brief time. It has very cool and unique features. It’s great for one-handed browsing. Simply say it and swipe. The great feature is it Block annoying ads and pop-ups, reduces data consumption, and speeds up your experience with Cake’s best-in-class ad blocking technology. It also has free and unlimited built-in-VPNs.

Prisma photo editor

There are plenty of photo filter apps to settle on from rather than just applying the standard filters. Prisma photo editor is one among the ten Awesome Apps. Using Prisma’s art filters you’ll make your photo look as if Picasso, Munch, or maybe Salvad or Dali himself painted it for you!

You’ll find quite 300 art styles in Prisma’s art filter library.

zombies run

If you’re a runner this zombies run app turns your workout into a fight for survival that’s designed to simulate a zombie attack. during this game, you’re a runner and a zombie chases you. While you’re getting to running or jogging plug earphones. you’ll run until the mission completes.

Good read

If you’ll want to read an honest book. Goodreads offers book recommendations supported by the books you wish. It also scans books
and have many challenges.

Solo learn

One of absolutely the best apps for learning the fundamentals of programming is solo learn. At the time article was produced solo learn is totally free on the Google Play Store. It says that it offers in-app purchases. Which is wrong on the Apple App Store. they need it listed correctly as being free. within the learn app there are several languages to settle on from including JavaScript, C++, Python, Ruby, and a number of other others consistent with indeed.com. the simplest languages to find out supported the typical developer salary within the US are Ruby,
Python and C++ to start one among the coding courses on solo learn.

Past meteor

I have used several internet speed test apps within the past meteor is my favorite. It’s completely free and there are not any ads a bit like its speed test competitors meteor is user friendly.


When compared with the stock keyboards for Android and iOS. SwiftKey may be a step above. Its powerful AI learns your riding style along side the autocorrecting and predictive text. Swift key takes a short time to urge conversant in but the more you employ it the higher it gets.

It wasn’t that way back that themes wont to cost extra. All the extras including themes are now completely free in their themes gallery. There are dozens of themes to settle on. to vary the looks of your keyboard.

city mapper

City mapper isn’t your typical map and navigation app. It includes transit maps for giant cities around the world. Which is beneficial. If you reside in or decide to visit one among the cities. They cover in their app. It lists the transit options including bus trains and ride-sharing.

Store’s kitchen

There are plenty of cooking apps within the Android and iOS App. Store’s kitchen stories offer more features than most. It’s completely free. It offers video guides and step-by-step photo instructions. Videos that provide tips and tricks within the kitchen an easy-to-use search. you’ll also save your favorite recipes and make automatically generated shopping lists. I personally don’t use this app or the opposite cooking app but a lover of mine highly recommends kitchen stories claiming it’s better than yummy or the other competitors.

These are the 10 Awesome Apps available for free. If you know of an awesome app for Android or iOS let me know about it in the comments.

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